How to Assemble Your Table

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Assembly of your Care-Tech Research Flora or Attitude table is extremely straightforward. It takes about one-minute and requires no tools!

  1. Position the table in your space, with the wheels on the head end.
  2. Plug in the powercord. For safety you may need to tape the cord down with duct tape.
  3. Raise the base to about knee height to install the top.
  4. Pick up the head end part of your top (head end towards your belly). Position the middle towards the centre brace on your base. (You are standing on the wheel side.) Make sure the two tabs on the underside of the top slide under the centre brace. Lower the top keeping it centred. The velcro will hold it in place.
  5. Check that the channels under the top (with the velcro on it) line up with the base.
  6. Repeat with the foot end.

The Pregnancy Table is similar, but there are some extra steps. Once the table top is secured by the velcro…

  1. On the underside of the foot-end piece there are two small silver hooks. Stretch the two closest loops of bungee cord onto these hooks.
  2. Also on the underside of the foot-end piece, there is a strap with a clasp. Thread the strap through the closest loop of bungee cord (right where the bungee cords are knotted up), and then back towards the foot-end piece… and then engage the clasp, of course. This gives you some adaptability for the tension in the bungee-cord.


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