How to Care For Your Table

Your Care-Tech Research table requires little in the way of special care aside from the upholstery. The motors require no regular care, adjustments or lubrication. The channel in the upper frame where the wheels move back and forth may require some silicon or white lithium grease from time to time.


Care-Tech Tables are upholstered with the best upholstery materials available. In an average use environments, these fabrics will last six to ten years, and some have lasted longer. In environments where lots of oil is being used (especially aromatherapy oil), the fabric may not last quite as long, especially the upper body portion. In these cases, your table might have to be reupholstered in five years.

Obviously, proper care of your upholstery will greatly extend its lifespan. A fitted cover is also recommended if you use oils in your treatments. It also prevents the top sheet from sliding off the table.

For Sta-Soft Naugahyde upholstery…

Sta-Soft Naugahyde is the standard upholstery fabric used with most tables. Sta-Soft provides outstanding durability in health care environments. Sta-Soft is resistant to oil stains, and formulated to achieve a superior level of disinfectability with disinfectant products containing sodium hypochlorite (common house-hold bleach) diluted 1:10. Simply wipe your Sta-Soft upholstery with diluted bleach occasionally — approximately monthly if direct exposure to skin and oil is rare, and more often otherwise.

For Whisper™ upholstery…

Whisper™ is an upholstery upgrade option for Care-Tech Research tables. It is a more leather-like fabric than Sta-Soft and has a matte finish. Sheets will not slip off.

Please note that, Whisper™ upholstery is very durable, however oil stains can be harder to clean; whereas Sta-Soft Naugahyde will not be stained by oil at all. Therefore, a fitted cover is particularly recommended if you have Whisper™ upholstery and use oil in your treatments. Warning: do not clean Whisper™ upholstery with alcohol-based cleaning agents.

  • For a light soiling, clean Whisper™ with a solution of 10% household liquid dishsoap in warm water, applied with a soft damp cloth.
  • For a heavy soiling, dampen a soft white cloth with a one to one (1:1) solution of Fantastik™®/water or Formula 409®/water. Rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened-cloth.
  • For more difficult stains, dampen a soft-white cloth with a solution of household bleach (10% bleach, 90% water). Rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove bleach.


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