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Custom-Built Electric Lift Tables

Care-Tech Research can provide you with a custom table. There are two kinds of customizations:

  • We routinely make relatively minor changes to yhe existing designs of the top to accommodate customer circumstances.
  • Innovative or more profound structural changes to the design. These are rare, but met with enthusiasm when both our needs and yours are served in the process.

Regardless of the scale of the customization, the cost of such modifications must be negotiated for each case.

Minor Customization

Minor customizations are so common that we rarely see a table go out the door without some kind of adjustment for the customer. Some components are relatively easy to customize: for instance, the size and shape of the table top can be changed without major implications for the rest of the table.

Major Customization

Others changes require more thought and planning. I consider customization major if it significantly affects the manufacturing process — for instance doing something completely new, as opposed to doing the usual thing in a somewhat different way.

Examples of major customization include:

  • lowering the top to 10" (a major challenge)
  • installing wheels to move the table sideways (completely new parts)
  • a narrower base to fit through a specific doorway (affects almost every component)

Such projects can involve a lot of experimentation! I will take on design challenges like this only if I see a potential benefit for my products overall. Otherwise, I prefer to decline the opportunity!

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