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Here are some answers to questions that I frequently get from my customers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact me personally.

Marten Gabriel
Care-Tech Research

Why don’t you offer a payment plan?

Mainly, I just can’t afford it. I have a lot of experience in building sophisticated treatment support systems, but when it comes to evaluating my customer’s financial abilities I am not very good and have the financial scars to prove it! I recommend you work with a bank or leasing company in your area.

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Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase I will take it back and reimburse you, providing you send it back in like new condition. To avoid disappointments I take great care in helping you select a treatment support solution that will best assist you in your patient care, protect you from possible work related injuries, and therefore protect your livelihood. If one of my tables does not work for you, for whatever reason, I’d much rather take it back and refund your money than you being unhappy with it and continue to use it.

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What is the warranty?

My tables have a two-year warranty on everything but the fabric.

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What happens if something goes wrong with my table?

My tables are mechanical, electrical devices and they can break down. We aim to reduce the failure rate as much as we possibly can, because if you have a problem then we have a problem… and we don’t like to have problems! But as far as I know, all but two of the tables I have ever made are still working. Some of them now 30 years old! I also know that the tables have become mechanically simpler, and therefore less prone to wear and the electronics and electrical parts are now easier to replace if they fail. Because I can’t come to you to service the table personally, I’ve designed and built the tables in such a way that you can repair them yourself. For example, replacing the lift motors: I import a special bolt from Switzerland for the installation. These bolts come with a safety clip that you can remove without the need of tools. And for common repair procedures, I am now publishing instructions with pictures here on the website.

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Do you have a warranty on the table upholstery?

Unfortunately, no. Experience has shown us that we are not in a position to determine whether damage to upholstery fabric is the result of an accident, negligence or abuse. On the bright side, we use the best materials available, and we know that in an average use environments, these fabrics will last six to ten years. Some have lasted longer. In environments where lots of oil is being used (especially aromatherapy oil), the fabric may not last quite as long, especially the upper body portion. In these cases, your table might have to be reupholstered in five years.

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Do you re-upholster tops?

Yes, we reupholster tops. Usually the upper body cushion needs to be re-upholsterd first. The lower body cushion lasts on average twice as long. It is not economical to reupholster the face crescent — we just replace it.

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Do you build custom tables?

Yes. See the Custom Table Page for more information.

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Do I really need a table that goes down to 12”?

Perhaps not. If you are not practicing some form of deep tissue therapy, like Rolfing or one of it’s many derivatives, or if you are very tall, you may be fine with a table that goes down to 18". However, if your work requires, or would benefit from, your ability to put your upper body weight into your hands you may have no alternative. It’s a bit like the 2-wheel drive verses 4-wheel drive debate in cars. For example, we live ontop a hill with a fairly steep road. When we get some snow, only one car gets us out — the 4-wheel drive. If your work requires this kind of tool, then you will be well rewarded year after year.

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What is the advantage of long bar switches?

It affords you access to the up down function of your electric lift massage table from just about any place around the table. Once you discover the advantage of working at the right height for whatever activity you may be involved in, you will adjust the height constantly during the session. In fact, you are able to keep working while you adjust the height. For that to happen the switch arrangement has be intuitive, something you can use by feel. After a few days of use you will no longer have to look for the switch: you will have a body memory of where it is and how to activate it.

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Why would I want a dual action face rest system?

You may not need one. For the vast majority of patients beeing able to adjust the angle of the face rest pillow is sufficent to make them feel comfortable. If you have little use for a face rest to start with a single action system is all you need. In a busy clinic doing lots of short treatments a simile single action system might also be the better solution. It takes less time to adjust.

However, when you try to make a barrel chested body comfortable you may need to raise the face pillow higher than the surface of your table. Many therapists simply use a second face crescent pillow on top of the regular face crescent. A dual action face rest system gives you a more elegant solution.

The real benefit of the system will be your ability to better position the necks of your patients. Let me explain it this way. Most systems on the market today aim to articulate the connection between head and neck. My goal was to give you the possibility to articulate also the connection between torso and neck. It will open up new possibilities for the treatment of neck related injuries.

I would like to mention an observation one of my customers pointed out: the dual action mechanism sticks down below the table and depending how tall you are it might interfere with the freedom of your knee movements under the table while sitting on the head end of the table.

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Why don’t you offer any stationary tables?

If you have gone over my website you will have discovered that I am passionate about protecting you from injuries and burn out (see the Ergonomics section, in particular). Only a lift table with an adequate lift range for you can do that. If you need a truly light weight portable table for the occasional treatment of a friend or loved one, there are lots of products to choose from!

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Why do you have no distributors?

A distributor typically expects 30%, or more, for the privilege of selling tables. They generally do not want to pay for a show table. They do not want to be responsible for any service work. If the customer has specific questions, they pass them on to us. The net profit in electric lift massage tables is not that great to start with, so for a distributor setup to work, you would have to pay more. Therefore, knowing how hard you work for your money, I want to be able to sell you a first class tool at a reasonable price.

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What are you working on for the future?

I have a number of dreams. A truly supportive chair made for delivering excellent therapeutic work while sitting is getting closer to reality. Electrically activated articulations are another issue I have invested considerable time into but the solution is still elusive. Fortunately, Dr. Ida Rolf got me to believe in my intuition so many years ago. I use the same strategy table building as in bodywork, if I have no “inner prompting” I leave things alone. None of my better ideas has ever come from “thinking”. It seems from time to time divine providence takes pity on me and bestows me with a dream or inspiration.

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