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MediSpa Treatment Support System

An electric lift table for spa environments

Retaining both clients and personnel is a major business challenge for every spa. The MediSpa spa table is a comprehensive treatment support system — designed from the ground up to improve your bottom line. How?

  • the MediSpa maximizes the comfort of your customers
  • the MediSpa facilitates the work of your therapists and estheticians
  • the MediSpa simplifies administration and scheduling
  • The greatest advantage of the MediSpa is versality and its incredible surface flexibility. Lift range and selection of options makes it possible to offer a wide variety of modalities on the same platform — comfortable and easy for clients and employees of any size.

    Imagine a spa table that is well-suited to nearly any service: a spa table for facials, manicures and pedicures; a spa table ideal for relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage; a spa table for hydrotherapies, wraps, and heat treatments. Even pregnancy massage is easily facilitated by the MediSpa!

    One Spa Table, Many Treatments

    This versatility means that nearly any kind of treatment can be done on the same table, in the same room — a much more efficient utilization of space, a scheduling dream.

    One Spa Table, Many Employees

    A progressive and successful spa must make its employees comfortable, as well as its clients. With many therapists and estheticians in your establishment, heights may range from under 5' to over 6'! Only a spa table with an incredible 20" lift range can accommodate this variety.

    By offering this superior lift range, the MediSpa spa table provides ergonomic benefits for your employees that reduce their stress, with a cascade of benefits:

  • employees transfer less stress and fatigue to their clients
  • improved client experience
  • increased job satisfaction
  • less turnover
  • reduced training and administrative costs
  • But most important of all — a more flexible table simply allows your personnel to deliver more services, better and easier!

    Special Options

    The MediSpa electric lift spa table has some special options unavailable for other Care-Tech Research electric lift tables.

  • Add arm rests to your MediSpa tables to increase the customer comfort.
  • Add hand rests for the manicure services
  • Add a pedicure platform at the foot of your MediSpa tables. Remove the insert in the table and install a foot bath.
  • Specifications for the Medispa

    • base with dual “whisper” quiet lift motors
    • 21" lift range (14-1/2" –35")
    • 350 lbs. lift limit
    • Up/down foot activated by two toggle switches, one per side, attached to fixed leg of base
    • Electrically articulated top, two independant motors to position the head, back and legs to your needs via hand-operated remote control, top 28" wide, 84" long
    • 3" high quality foam on main top, 2" lighter density foam on the arm support for the therapist
    • Sta-Soft upholstery fabric, green
    • 225 lbs. (has to be crated for shipping, total weight 275 lbs)

    Pedicure System 180.00
    Arm Rest or Hand Rest (each) 160.00
    Foam Latex Layer System 150.00
    Dual Action Face Rest System 175.00
    Long Bar Switch 125.00
    Extra Switch (Toggle Style, Floating) 125.00
    Extra Switch (Strip Style, Mounted On Base) 115.00
    Plug To Replace Face Crescent 50.00
    Sta-Soft Custom Upholstery Colours 25.00
    Whisper Upholstery Upgrade 45.00
    Shipping Variable
    Customs Clearance For Shipping To U.S.A. 60.00

    Care-Tech Research
    Makers of ergonomically superior electric massage tables for 25 years.
    Fanny Bay, Canada

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