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Ab-Solution Treatment System

Ideal Prenatal Care

The Ab-Solution Table offers a sophisticated table top: the Ab-Solution Maternity Treatment System, which provides for gentle abdominal support to accommodate most pregnant clients in the prone position, with minimal increase in intrauterine pressures.

The base of the Ab-Solution Table is identical to the Attitude Treatment Support System, with the same spectacular 26" lift range — which is all the more important, given that the top of the table is 2" thicker to create room for the “belly well.” This creates a lift range with a slightly higher low-end: 14"–40", instead of the Attitude’s 12"–38".

Although the prone client position is greatly facilitated by the Ab-Solution table, the sidelying and elevated supine positions are also important options for every pregnant client, especially in the third trimester. A lift table with an excellent range is crucial for treating clients in these positions.

The top of the Ab-Solution table is also identical in outline to the Attitude table, with the same innovative inset extension slides that allow you to get closer to your work — no matter what size or shape your client.

Specifications for the Ab-Solution Table

  • base with dual “whisper” quiet lift motors
  • 26" lift range (14"–40")
  • 380 lbs. lift limit
  • Up/down activated by two foot operated toggle switches, one per side, attached to fixed leg of base
  • unique expansion top 27"–28" wide, 73" long
  • 3" high quality foam on main top, 2" firmer foam on expansion slides
  • Sta-Soft upholstery fabric, green
  • 180 lbs. (base packed: 106 lbs, top packed: 75 lbs.)

Not right for you? Caretech Research can also build custom tables. We have built many tables over the years to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Fitted cover 100.00
Foam Latex Layer System 150.00
Dual Action Face Rest System 175.00
Long Bar Switch 125.00
Extra Switch (Toggle Style, Floating) 125.00
Extra Switch (Strip Style, Mounted On Base) 115.00
Plug To Replace Face Crescent 50.00
Sta-Soft Custom Upholstery Colours 25.00
Whisper Upholstery Upgrade 45.00
Shipping Variable
Customs Clearance For Shipping To U.S.A. 60.00


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