Doing great work from a chair...

Sitting down on the job more often will go a long way to “stretch your energy” and insure the longevity of your career in manual therapy. This requires both a strategy and good tools.

The base and the top of our electric lift tables have been designed to give you better access from all sides of the table. I narrowed the frame and lift legs as much as I could to provide more room for your knees and legs under the top which makes cranio-sacral therapy more enjoyable and even allows for some manual lymphatic drainage to be done from a chair. Indeed, many techniques never attempted in a seated position before are possible when you can actually get your knees under the table, or change the table height effortlessly — experiment and find out!

Strategy is also important. Take the time to develop a repertoire of work you can perform from a chair. Decide in advance what work can be done sitting. For example: you may wish to begin sitting while freeing superficial tensions in neck and upper back while getting information from the customer or a report on what has happened since the last session. Then have the client stand up, make a new assessment, and so on.

I was challenged with some stubborn foot and leg problems in my early clientele which, in turn, developed a particular interest in working on feet. As a result, I would work on the feet almost every session. For me, foot and leg work became almost as important as neck and head work, and I required a switch on either end of the table. (By the way: if you get into “foot work” make sure you find yourself a small massage stone. Saves the knuckles!)

Additional switches can be attached to the Attitude Treatment Support System. This option facilitates seated work by giving you access to a switch without having to get up while working at the head or feet. This is particularly useful at the head of the table, where therapists often spend much of their time.

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