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Electric Lift Tables by Caretech Research

Caretech Research manufactures a variety of electric lift tables for different treatment modalities:
  • the Flora, a basic Treatment Support System;
  • the Attitude, an advanced Treatment Support System ;
  • the Ab-Solution pregnancy table, a modified version of the Attitude;
  • the Ostio-Pro, for the demands of the osteopathic practitioners and
  • the Medi-Spa a deluxe Treatment Support system for the Day-Spa or Spa environment.

Four models of electric lift massage tables by Care-Tech Research

Basic Price Key Features
Flora  Cdn one lift motor, lift range 18"–38", few parts, extensions stay on table when not in use
Attitude  Cdn two lift motors, lift range 12"–38", accommodates all size and shape of clients
Pregnancy  Cdn just like the Attitude, but with the Ab-Solution Maternity Treatment System
Ostio-Pro  Cdn versatile top designed with imput from the osteopathic community
MediSpa  Cdn inclining top all electric, specific options for estheticians

Ergonomic design philosophy

There is a design philosophy common to all Caretech Research tables: ergonomics. It’s ironic that manual therapists rarely use tables designed for working efficiently! We often advise our clients on the science of arranging or designing things for efficient use — but too often we fail to do so ourselves.

Caretech Tables are built by a therapist, for therapists. Even for short therapists! I am 5'8" — one of the “vertically challenged” — and I found in my Rolfing work that a table with a low range of 16” was not quite low enough for some of the work and some of the clients. When you research the lift-ranges offered by table manufacturers, you can see clearly that they have neglected deep tissue workers and smaller therapists. The vast majority of tables do not even come close to being useful for our work. Very few tables can even go below 20"!

It took me 10 years to develop the lift technology that would allow me to go down as low as 12" — and that’s including three inches of foam. In fact, if you really needed it, I could make you a lift that could go down to 9.5"! I am sure you can imagine that it is not easy to make this happen. To lift 400 pounds up from 12" takes two motors, and the electronics to control them. We are talking lots of force! To make sure the lift motors are dependable, I went to the manufacturer that is the world leader in this kind of application. The result is like the difference between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles. The Attitude Treatment Support System is the 4-wheel drive of electric tables — it gets you where nothing else can.

And, of course, this kind of range is not just useful for therapists: it’s also useful for clients. The Attitude Treatment Support System is almost infinitely more wheelchair accessible than other tables on the market.

Wheelchair accessibility of Care-Tech Research tables.

Both the Attitude and MediSpa electric massage tables are wheelchair accessible — a claim that no other table on the market can fairly make.

Here are some of the key reasons why customers have purchased Caretech Research tables:

  • the exceptional lift range
  • a manufacturer who understands therapy
  • near portability for an electric table
  • excellent resale value
  • better switches than the competition
  • friendly, personal customer service
  • the option to customize
  • quality components that can be repaired or replaced easily
  • unique pre-natal care features

Care-Tech Research
Makers of ergonomically superior electric massage tables for 25 years.
Fanny Bay, Canada

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