Care-Tech Research as a company closed its doors earlier this year following the purchase of the rights to manufacture and distribute the original Care-Tech designed tables by a new company, Tsable Therapeutic Equipment. Marten Gabriel, the founder of Care-Tech Research will continue to support and service any table sold by that company. All new tables and their service requirements will be undertaken by Tsable Therapeutic Equipment who will continue to manufacture and supply the finest massage tables available.

Tsable Therapeutic Equipment empowers therapists with ergonomically superior electric lift massage tables.

Care-Tech Research, and now Tsable Therapeutic Equipment have been developing and improving electric lift tables for massage therapists and spas for twenty-five years, and we believe that they are the best Treatment Support System that money can buy, starting at $2100 (Canadian funds), with features you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else:

  • These tables go as low as twelve inches — a full six to eight-inches lower than any other table on the market.
  • Up-down function switches are intuitively accessible around the table.
  • Unique expansion top with slides for foot extensions and side extensions that can be removed.
  • An exceptional pregnancy table for ideal prone positioning of pregnant clients right into the third trimester!

Custom electric tables can be built to suit your needs. Call today and we'll help you select the best electric lift table for you!